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"Screw It!" is the perfect alternative for those looking to participate in social gatherings without the need for alcohol. This alcohol-free alternative is specially formulated with CBD and Ashwagandha to provide a sense of relaxation and relief from social anxiety, depression, and physical pain. With Screw it!, you can enjoy the party atmosphere without the negative effects of alcohol on your health. Whether you are in recovery or simply seeking a healthier way to have fun, "Screw It!" is the perfect choice for a good time without the hangover. Try "Screw It!" and experience the benefits of a fun, alcohol-free lifestyle. Receive a free dishtowel with purchase while supplies last!

“Screw It!” Alcohol Alternative

$80.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price
  • 2 ounces Contains: 340mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD, Vegetable Glycerin & Ashwagandha. For use as a tincture, use 4-5 drops under the tongue, hold 10-15 seconds then swallow. For use as a drink Spiker add up to a full dropper to any beverage of your choosing!

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