What is LVC you ask? Liposomal Vitamin C is the only way (besides an expensive and difficult to come by IV) of absorbing 100% of the Vitamin C you take. Taking high dose Vitamin C has many tremendous health benefits! Including Immune Support, Cardiovascular Support, Natural Energy, Eye Health, Better Stress Response, Natural Anti-histamine, Natural Anti-Anxiety and Anti-depression and SO MUCH MORE!!! 


Based on the Nobel Prize Winning Research by Linus Pauling my LVC is made with the finest ingredients. Organic and Earth Friendly!

Check out this "60 Minutes" episode about LVC!


By now you have probably heard of Golden Milk. An ancient healer in Ayurvedic Medicine, this remarkable concoction has been used to treat pain and inflammation for centuries! Added to the typical Curcumin, Black Pepper, Ginger and Cinnamon, I have included Glutathione and CBD infused Manuka Honey. The kicker? It's in Liposomal form! So no need for the warm milk ordeal. You can just shoot it straight and head to bed as it also promotes restful sleep. Nighty Night!

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