" I love LVC, it's helped so much with my energy levels, depression, and allergies. I was recently gone for 5 days without it and I was miserable! Do yourself a favor and try it" Debra T.

Who Loves their LVC?

"LVC has made a big difference in my battle with autoimmune fatigue. If I forget to take it 2 days in a row, it's a huge difference. I also rarely get sick now. It helps with energy without being overstimulated or jittery, all day."  - Erika H.

 "I love my LVC! I love how convenient it is and easy to use. I used to hate swallowing pills or chewing on tart vitamin c tablets. Having LVC has been a game changer for me. It has become part of my morning ritual, as coveted as my coffee. I feel more energized and definitely feel better by taking a daily dose with a bit of orange juice. Plus, I love the idea that I am supporting a small business that is promoting health & wellbeing in our community. Super inspiring!! Thanks, Kirsten!"  Erin G.

Who Loves their "Fuck You Pain" Cream?

"Friday evening I got about 8 bee stings on each of my wrists, one my thumb, my bicep and one on my foot. My arms and hands are swollen and it's so painful. My right elbow hurts unless I have it hanging down straight. Yesterday I took 12 Advil and 2 benedryl and was getting a little relief, but not enough. Sleep is impossible. 
Today I stopped by Kits for some of her "fuck you pain" cream. I slathered it on as soon as I got home. The pain went away almost immediately and i can feel that the swelling and tightness is going away. I can make a fist again and my thumb is almost back to normal size. I'm amazed! Get some!"

-Kallie L.

"Fuck You pain cream got me through my surgery! I was actually able to use it in place of pain meds several times. LOVE it!"


"It's amazing, I have bursitis in my hips and chronic lower back pain, this helps so much"❣️ - Deb T.

Open Daily 11-4 


Email: kits.apothecary@gmail.com

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Located in Astoria's Historic Sanborn Building. The Southwest corner being dubbed "Astoria's Underground" by the late, great Michael Foster. His vision of an old town Astoria was brought to life in the downstairs. All businesses are reminiscent of the famous buildings in Astoria. We even have a jail cell to lock up shoplifters! Just kidding, kind of. There is handicap access with an Elevator on 10th street using the glass door titled "Secret Gallery". You can find me that way, or walk down the wooden stairs on the corner of 10th & Marine, or my suggestion is to open the glass door to my Healing Solarium and descend the Spiral Stairs to the Apothecary. However you get to me, I promise it will be a fun destination! And check out my neighbors while you're down here!