Don't Let Your Ailments Steal Your Beauty!

My "Wicked Gorgeous" Skin Care composes of an organic bamboo charcoal konjac sponge and a hydrating and skin clearing Serum. Bye Bye dry patches, acne and acne scars! Hello Glowing Radiant SKIN!

Acne at ANY age is not a fun experience to deal with! I was dealing with cystic acne in my thirties! It made me feel ugly and self conscious! This gets rid of them fast and is now my biggest seller to the high school crowd! You'll be amazed at how quickly it works! It's literally kicking acne's ass!

Open Daily 11-4 



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Located in Astoria's Historic Sanborn Building. The Southwest corner being dubbed "Astoria's Underground" by the late, great Michael Foster. His vision of an old town Astoria was brought to life in the downstairs. All businesses are reminiscent of the famous buildings in Astoria. We even have a jail cell to lock up shoplifters! Just kidding, kind of. There is handicap access with an Elevator on 10th street using the glass door titled "Secret Gallery". You can find me that way, or walk down the wooden stairs on the corner of 10th & Marine, or my suggestion is to open the glass door to my Healing Solarium and descend the Spiral Stairs to the Apothecary. However you get to me, I promise it will be a fun destination! And check out my neighbors while you're down here!